Take Home Worksheet #2 2.1.11

Take Home Worksheet #2 2.1.11 - answer the following...

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“Shall We Dance” Colleen Hooper DA 0831 February 1, 2011 TAKE HOME WORKSHEET #2 Watch the film “Stormy Weather” and doing the reading specified in the course packet. Answers must be typed and written in full sentences and the worksheet must be posted on Blackboard Mon. 2/7 by 10 AM. 1. List the title, release year, director, choreographer, and main characters in the film you are reviewing. 2. Give a brief summary (5-6 sentences) of the plot of the film including its introduction, premise and conclusion. 3 Identify and define five key dance and/or film terms in your assigned reading that you weren’t familiar with or have new meaning in this context. 4. Identify and describe TWO main dance scenes. Please make sure that you include in your
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Unformatted text preview: answer the following information: Describe the performers in terms of their approximate ages, gender, ethnicity and class. Are the dances solos, duets, trios or ensembles? Describe the dance’s physical setting. What does the music that accompanies the dance sound like? Identify the dance genres in the choreography. What does the dance look like? Use descriptive words to explain the movement so the reader could imagine the scene. 5. Describe the targeted audiences for this film in the time period that the film was produced. 6. Give ONE detailed example of excessive characterization, overgeneralization, bias, omission, sentimentality OR stereotypes in the film....
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Take Home Worksheet #2 2.1.11 - answer the following...

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