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Trig Johnson Humanistic tradition 2 02 August 2011 Musical Madness My passion is music; percussion imparticular. I have grown up playing the drums and can't picture my life without it at this point. I believe that music has a sort of healiing power t it that can help people when they're in their darkest places and bring them up. Music can also bring peple together. Music isn't notes on a page scribbled about up and down. It's not just a melody or a harmony written together to sounds beautiful to the ear. Music is the one thing that brings everything else together; the one things that truly makes sense out of the hectic world we live in. Music comes in many different forms ranging from death metal to classical, but, all of these forms appeal to someone someway differently. The same song can be heard by the boy who can't afford new clothes for the school year and the rich cheerleader and yet still somehow convey a message to both of them despite their obvious differences. Music brings people together in a way nothing else can because music speaks to everyone different without having to be played a thousand different ways. One song can mean anger, frustrations, happiness, excitement, or guilt to different people because they interpreted it differently eve though it was played the same. Since music can speak so many different things to so many different people I believe it could be useful in solving one of the worlds biggest problems. This problem has to do with cultural relativism. I think that cultural relativism plays a big part in our society and the world as a whole. One culture is considered poor and helpless while the other is considered a superpower but does that men one is necessarily better than the other? Each culture has its own ways of living and standards, there is not universal standard for good so every culture creates their own. Music played for the masses of
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This note was uploaded on 08/31/2011 for the course HUM 2230 taught by Professor Jordan during the Spring '08 term at University of Central Florida.

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HUM_paper - Chelsea Dowell Trig Johnson Humanistic...

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