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Taxonomy - modifications they have acquired • Proved to...

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Taxonomy/Systemic 1. Classification of living things 2. Study of biological relationships over time 3. John Ray: foundation for taxonomy 4. Carrolus Linnaeus: binomial nomenclature, Genus and Species, Worked off of Ray’s work 5. Demography: population ( birth, death, survival ) 6. Thomas Malthus: English political Scientist, essay of principle of population ( Food in relation to rising populations ), Father of Demography 7. Evolutionary Biology: transformation or earlier life forms to later 8. Jean baptize de Monet: French naturalist, plant and animals not only change from over time but do so for purposes of self-improvement 9. Lamarckism: when life forms reproduce they pas onto their offspring
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Unformatted text preview: modifications they have acquired • Proved to be wrong • “ Inheritance of acquire characteristics “: environment influence species to adapt • Father of Modern Biology 10. Darwin: • Beagle observations • Natural selection • “ On the origin of species” : published book before Wallace-Alfred Russell Wallace: sends Darwin letter outlining his theory of evolution by means of natural selection-Professional collector-Find beetles in Malaysia 11. Mechanisms of Inheritance: • Gemmules: invisible particles that Darwin believed were contained in body parts, reproductive organs • Gemmules of mother and father passed onto child...
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