Primate_behavior - -All males help female care for...

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Primate behavior 1. Social life Gregarious: Live in groups Social behaviors enhance survival and reproduction and are maintained by natural selection 2. Why live in groups? Advantages: - Improved access to food and mates - Assistance in protecting and raising offspring and learning Disadvantages: - More visible to predators - Only certain males mate with females 3. Territories All primates territorial No overlapping zones with other groups Active defense barriers 4. Residence patterns Wide variety of patterns divided accordingly to number of adults male and female present in group 5. Groups 1 male multi female - 1 adult male
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- Many juvenile males no other adults - Males not very important to females All male - Young males form 1 male multi female groups that were ran off by male 1 female multi male
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Unformatted text preview: -All males help female care for offspring-Polyandry- marmosets and tamarin • Multi male and Multi female -Monkeys-Hierarchy of male and female • 1 male 1 female-Gibbons, Indri Lemur-Pair bonded for life • Solitary-Prosimians, orangutans-Individual male and female 6. Reproductive strategy • Males compete for access to females • Affects male body and canine size 7. Sexual dimorphism • Morphological differences between male and female • Pair bonded= low • 1 female multi male= high • Multi male and female= medium 8. Getting food • Searching for and eating food occupies over 50 % of a primates waking hours • Males compete for right to reproduce • Females develop relationships with other females to determine best mate...
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Primate_behavior - -All males help female care for...

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