La casa cerrada transation

La casa cerrada transation - The carriage has begin to...

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The carriage has begin to ascend, slowly, through a steep alcor. When he was at the top, he asked one of the passengers occupying the vehicle: - Are we already at the top of the port? - We have already arrived, answered the other, now we go and begin to descend. - And from here we can see the whole valley. There, in the distance, shines the golden tiles of the dome of the cathedral. The field will be all green. The water will reflect the sun in the water in some of the canals of the orchards. Is it not the turth? This is the time period in which I like the fields the most. How many times have I contemplated the panorama of the valley and the distant city! Tell me, do you see to the right, along a back road, a road that winds, the old road Novales, a white house that barely comes between the trees? - Yes, now it seems that the sun shines from a window a glass that is at the top The carriage has descended to the plain and paths between fresh whatever and vegetable gardens; wide fruits show the round and yellow quines, golden apples, watery pears, soft - I feel that we are already in the full vega – said one of the travelers – I inhale the smell of hay, alfalfa, and cut fruit. Will there be as many apples as beore? There in the orchards are old men bent over and tanned by the sun, like mummy, hardened through time, which are bent over the earth, diggin, fixing the primers of the canals, digging the weeds vicious, right? I hear the bells of the city that now have touched, which are of the cathedral, before touching the bell of the convent of Bernard. Do you see new buildings that are on the outskirts of town? -
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La casa cerrada transation - The carriage has begin to...

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