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a. Short answer on the selections we have read (like first exam), along with identifying a. author, b. g'enero literario (poema, ensayo, cuento, novela, drama), c. per'iodo literario b. Essay on Do~na Perfecta – novela de tesis c. Identifying author of several poem fragments, and then chosing one to write a paragraph about - what it describes on literal level or if it's philosophical, how it typifies the period it belongs to, theme or central point, m'etrica, rima, recursos po'eticos. (basically what we did in front of the class) It will be very helpful to review the quiz that we had last Wednesday, with authors and titles along with the history. Realismo y Naturalismo
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Unformatted text preview: Juan Valera Pepita Jimenez (novela) Benito Galdos Dona Perfecta (novela) Emilia Pardo Bazan La Cana, Encaje Roto (cuentos) Leopoldo Alas Clarin La conversion de Chiripa, La regenta (cuento, novela) La Generacion de 1898 Miguel de Unamuno mi religion, poemas en la hoja de papel (ensayo, poemas) Ramon Maria del Valle-Inclan Jardin Umbrio (cuento) Pio Baroja Juventud, Egolatria (partes de ensayos) a lot of experimentation Jose Martinez Ruiz Azorin Las confesiones de un pequeno filosofo (partes de ensayos) las nubes - ensayo- Think impresionismo (look in ntbk) Antonio Machado look at hw,...
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