Chapter 3 MIS

Chapter 3 MIS - Chapter 3 Ebusiness the conducting of...

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Chapter 3 Ebusiness: the conducting of business on the Internet, not only buying and selling, but also serving customers and collaborating with business partners. Understanding ebusiness begins with understanding: - Disruptive technology - Evolution of the internet - Accessing Internet information - Providing Internet information. Digital Darwinism: organizations, which cannot adapt to the new demands placed on them for surviving in the information age are doomed to extinction Disruptive technology: a new way of doing things that initially does not meet the needs of existing customers. It tends to open new markets and destroy old ones Sustaining technology: it produces an improved product customers are eager to buy, such as a faster car or larger hard drive. It tends to provide us with better, faster, and cheaper products in established markets. Internet: a global public network of computer networks that pass information from one to another using common computer protocols. Protocol: standards that specify the format of data as well as the rules to be followed during transmission. Today, no one party operates the Internet; however, several entities oversee the internet and set standards including: Internet Engineering Task Force: the protocol engineering and development arm of the internet Internet Architecture Board: responsible for defining the overall architecture of the internet, providing guidance and broad direction to the IETF. Internet Engineering Steering Group: responsible for technical management of IETF activities and the Internet standards process. World Wide Web: a global hypertext system that uses the Internet as its transport mechanism.
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Hypertext transport protocol (HTTP): the Internet standard that supports the exchange of information on the WWW. Information richness: the depth and breadth of information transferred between customers and businesses. Businesses and customers can collect Information reach: the number of people a business can communicate with, on a global basis. Businesses can share information with numerous customers all over the world. Digital Divide: when those with access to technology have great
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Chapter 3 MIS - Chapter 3 Ebusiness the conducting of...

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