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Statistics 400 Midterm Exam 1 Feb, 23th 2007, Friday, in class Name: Student I.D. Discussion Section (circle one): AD1 AD2 AD3 1. Please print your name and student ID number in the above space and circle the discussion section number. 2. This is a closed book, closed-notes examination. You should have a calculator and a single two-sided page of notes that you may refer to. 3. Please provide the answers in the space provided. If you do not have enough space, please use the back of a nearby page or ask for additional blank paper. Make sure you sign any loose pages. 4. In order to receive full credit for a problem, you should show all of your work and explain your reasoning. Good work can receive substantial partial credit even if the final answer is incorrect. 5. In most cases the later parts of a question do not require the answers to earlier parts. You should try all parts of a problem even if you get stuck on an early part. Question Points Question 1 ( 16 points) Question 2 ( 10 points) Question 3 ( 20 points) Question 4 ( 24 points) Question 5 ( 30+5 (Bonus) points) Total ( 100 points+5 bonus points) 1
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1. [16 points] Suppose that an office receives telephone calls as a Poisson process at a rate of 0 . 5 per minute. (a)
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midsol1 - Statistics 400 Midterm Exam 1 Feb 23th 2007...

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