SOC375- Final Exam Questions

SOC375- Final Exam Questions - Sheet1 Page 1 SOC 375 Final...

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Unformatted text preview: Sheet1 Page 1 SOC 375 Final Exam Questions Describe the programs of sociology for all the guys we read about----------------------------------------------------------------- Tocqueville-Philosophy of History (huge changes in society over time)--societies evolve from aristocracy to democracy-Middle range sociology--societies have social structures that may have counterparts across socities, such as customs (MOEURS) and institutions-Social mechanisms--Focus on what explains social changes, such as self fulfilling prophecies and the will of the critical mass, inheritance-As societies change from aristocracy to democracy, that doesn't mean that problems will go away- others come up--newfound democracy can either lead to equality or despotism-Program of Sociology--1) Look at the main groups in society--2) Look at the main institutions in society--3) Study the meours (norms, customs) of the people--4) Use comparisons Marx-Program of Sociology--1)Men are social because they need to cooperate in their work--2)Work creates wealth, which ruling classes appropriate--3)THis leads to change, violent clashes, and revolutions in the form of class struggle--4)This way society is evolving from feudalism to captialism and eventually to communism--5)Social analysis draws on poltiical economy and social relations-Methods of Sociological Analysis--1)Find the mode of production (captialism)...
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SOC375- Final Exam Questions - Sheet1 Page 1 SOC 375 Final...

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