SOC410- Discussion Questions 10-5-10

SOC410- Discussion Questions 10-5-10 - While logic would...

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James Thompson SOC 410 Discussion Question 10/5/10 1) Im Reading: How do any of these theories extend understanding beyond the existing understanding of gender and racial discrimination? It seems like these theories do not really change the way we should think about women as patients and what their daily lives might hold in terms of recovery. 2) Hill Reading: At what point do families in countries where male babies are encouraged give up on a girl and either abort her or let her die in infancy rather than actually taking care of her like their child with all the human rights and loving care she deserves? Surely not everyone in such a society can have only boys. 3) Mauldin Reading: Is there a difference in rates of maternal mortality between those who seek medical help to deliver the baby, seek a midwife, or receive no formal assistance?
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Unformatted text preview: While logic would dictate that the highest survival rates occur at the hospital and lowest rates at home, in a poor country with poor hospital facilities, does this make a difference? 4) Shell-Duncan Reading: This article goes into all the details about why female circumcision should not be performed due to the risks of severe infection, infertility, and death if not done in a proper facility by a trained physician. But why do females get circumcised in the first place besides being tradition? Is there a medical reason to receive this treatment? Male circumcision, which is a safe, medicalized practice, is usually done for hygiene and preventing infections, as well as tradition....
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SOC410- Discussion Questions 10-5-10 - While logic would...

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