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James Thompson SOC 410 Discussion Questions 10/19/10 1) Curtis Reading Tying into the neighborhood effect on health from the last class, when would geography  and people’s physical locations not make a difference in health outcomes?  The area in  which you live fundamentally determines what types of services are available, the  predominant culture and lifestyle of your neighbors, and the amount of crime and other  negative effects on health and well being.  The article tries to note that the type of  environment matters more than its location, which makes sense to some degree, but the  types of social relationships you make are based on geography. 2) Fitzpatrick Reading How would the arguments of Fitzpatrick and Curtis blend together?  Can they?  Curtis  argues to some extent that a poor neighborhood is a poor neighborhood, and those  living in that type of location will suffer similar consequences on health.  Fitzpatrick, 
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Unformatted text preview: meanwhile, says that every location is different and one neighborhood may be drastically different from another neighborhood of the same demographic composition and SES. Which is a more sound theory? 3) Schulz Reading What steps are researchers taking to not generalize one type of neighborhood and apply that generalization to all similar neighborhoods? Crime, pollution, and accident rates might be similar statistically from one neighborhood to another, but the characteristics of those neighborhoods might compound certain factors in certain ways that making living in those neighborhoods different from each other. Are public health measures expected to be made at the community level in order to address these, or can policies be made generally and then adapted?...
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