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SOC410- Discussion Questions 10-26-10

SOC410- Discussion Questions 10-26-10 - reason why these...

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James Thompson SOC 410 Discussion Questions 10/26/10 1) Acevedo Reading How much of a benefit do ethnic enclaves provide over a similar low SES neighborhood  of similar SES?  How much of the disparities in health are reduced under a system of  social support and the ability to have proper services in the neighborhood? 2) Cooper Reading Why should there be a debate on whether the negative health outcomes associated with  racial segregation are based around an individual or social structure problem?  While it  is certainly likely that people like to live with their own race, there can be little individual 
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Unformatted text preview: reason why these neighborhoods are consistently poor across the nation other than structural factors. 3) Williams Reading It was interesting to note that living in a poor neighborhood was different if that neighborhood was located near a better-off neighborhood rather than living in an entire section of a city that is surrounded by poverty. This was one of the reasons poor whites did better than poor blacks. Does living near a better-off neighborhood encourage the residents of the poor neighborhood to keep their streets clean and safe?...
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