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James Thompson SOC 410 Discussion Questions 11/11/10 1) Kannisto Reading What kinds of interventions is it going to take in order to achieve the theoretical idea of a “rectangularization of mortality,” where everyone lives in good health up until the day they die? Is extending the life expectancy good enough without extending the number of years people spend healthy? 2) Breeze Reading Should selection biases be taken into consideration when looking at the older low SES respondents, such as those who live a life of poverty have a significantly shorter lifespan than those in the upper SES and thus might die before reaching the older
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Unformatted text preview: ages that this survey requires? Are those lower SES individuals who do make it to old age different than those who didn’t? 3) McMunn Reading How important is the effect of the age at which a person retires? Are those who keep working past 65 hurting their chances of a healthy life in their older years? Does it matter if they are financially stable but want to keep working for a few more years to save up even more money, and are those people better off than their SES counterparts who retire earlier?...
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