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SOC410- Discussion Questions 11-16-10 - reduce economic...

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James Thompson SOC 410 Discussion Questions 11/16/10 1) Cutler Reading How can the policies the US used in the 19 th  and 20 th  centuries to guarantee its citizens  clean water be used in developing countries that do not have the infrastructure to  properly care for their citizens?  Was the infrastructure in the US at this time a necessary  step in cleaning the water?  Would the US have to develop other countries’ infrastructure  before cleaning up the water?   2) Moss Reading As was mentioned in an article earlier in the semester, does simply having a social  welfare system and social healthcare matter for reducing economic inequalities among  the population?  How can issues of structural racism be countered before people try to 
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Unformatted text preview: reduce economic inequalities between groups? Do some European countries do better that the US in terms of health outcomes because their societies are more homogeneous and thus have fewer discrepancies to fix? 3) Nathanson Reading How can cultural differences between 19 th-20 th century America and present-day developing countries be taken into account? What worked for the public health of Americans 100 years ago might not work for today’s developing countries, even though the outcomes of better health and fewer infectious diseases are the same?...
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