Familial History Paper

Familial History Paper - Nicole Leung Giang ICS 20 July 29,...

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Nicole Leung Giang ICS 20 July 29, 2010 Familial History Paper America, the land of the free, where anyone can achieve the American dream with hard work, dedication, and a little luck. About thirty years ago, my parents moved from their respective countries to fulfill their dreams and obtain an education in America. Ever since they set foot on America, they have had to adapt to the culture and lifestyle predominant in this country in order to assimilate into their environment. Needless to say like many other immigrants, they have since missed their homelands and the families they left behind for the search and hope of a better life and future. My mother was born in Sandakan, Saba, Malaysia and lived there up until she was nineteen years old. In her old home, she lived in a house that was supported above the South China Sea. My mother recalled many happy memories of her childhood playing with her two brothers and sister. However as she reminisced about her past and her thoughts went deeper, she came to the conclusion that life back at home definitely was not the greatest. The crime rate was high back in Malaysia as robberies and pick pocketing occurred throughout the streets because of the poor quality of life and high unemployment rate. Racial discrimination was also very common against the Chinese living in Malaysia; the Malaysian government discriminated against them and it was harder for them to find work amongst Malaysians because they preferred to hire other
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Familial History Paper - Nicole Leung Giang ICS 20 July 29,...

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