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Midterm Review - Bingham Ordinance Chinese in SF can only...

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Bingham Ordinance – Chinese in SF can only live and work w/I Chinese quarter Who was allowed to immigrate post 1924 - Filipinos carried status of US nationals, still able to immigrate post 1924 Describe how Japanese socially & economically destructed Korea – economically: exported raw goods to Japan, socially: cultural annihilation Significance of winter of 1866 – evidence of poor working conditions for railroad workers, first attempt at strike for better wages & working conditions factors enabling Japanese to be successful in agriculture – 1) irrigation, change in just grain diet, higher demand, 2) completion of railroad, 3) invention of refrigerated car How did Chinese women act as “active agents” in immigration – 1) pictures 2) first class ticket 3) proper documentation 1922 cable act – revoked citizenship of those who married “alien ineligible for citizenship” At least 2 reasons why Chinese opened up so many laundry businesses – 1) limited
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  • Summer '09
  • Chang
  • poor working conditions, alien land law, w/I Chinese quarter, generation gap-political mentality, wages-reinforce Anti-asian sentiment

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