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INTL 10 Arts of Asia Midterm 23. A. Jade figurine B. Jade C. Shang Dynastvy – Anyang Period D. Tomb of Fu Hao, Anyang, Henan, China E. Function: jade carving found in tomzb Meaning: indicates wealth Artistic Style: jade carving 52. A. Bronze zhong bell B. Bronze and timber frame C. Warring States Period, 433 BC D. Tomb of Marquis Yi of Zeng, Leigudun, SuiXian, Hubei, China E. Function: musical ritual and performance Meaning: Artistic Style: suspended mouth-downward from frame, sets of graduated sizes, each bell can sound 2 different notes whether struck 2at side or center, shapes increasingly refined and subtle elliptical cross sections carefully calculated to produce desired tones, 3 different carillons, single bo bell A. Color plate 3 Bronze mirror B. Bronze C. Late Zhou Period D. Jin Cun, Henan, China E. Function: mirror Meaning: Artistic Style: bronze inlaid with gold and silver 72. A. Terracotta soldier and horse B. Terracotta C. Qin D. Linton, Shaanxi, China E. Function: “guarding” tomb Meaning: burial army of First Emperor of Qin Artistic Style: life-sized figures embody realistic tendencies of preceding sculptural style 77. A. Color plate 6 Painted banner B.but Silk C. Western Han Dynasty D. Mawangdui, near Changsha, Hunan, China E. Function: draping inner coffin of Tomb of the Marquise of Dai Meaning: formal and balanced composition depicts 3 world levels: sky above with mythical inhabitants (sun crow, moon toad, celestial dragons), earth w/ marquise and women attendants, & nether regions w/ burial grouping of ritual vessels and male figures Artistic Style: accomplished in technique & complex in design 78. A. Rubbing of stone relief B. Stone C. Eastern Han Dynasty D. Wu Liang Ci (Wu family shrines), Jiaxiang, Shandong, China E. Function: painting Meaning: stylistic development in painting Artistic Style: laying thin layer of damp mulberry paper on stone and pressing into crevices and carved areas, then lightly tapped w/ inked pledget, resulting “rubbing” can be reversed through photographic process to achieve black-on-white impression 86. A. Flying horse B. Bronze C. Eastern Han Dynasty, 2 nd Century BC D. Wuwei, Gansu, China E. Function: figurine Meaning: poetic naming of spirited horses Chinese admired Artistic Style: realism of pose and movement 90. A. Lamp in the form of a young girl B. Gilt bronze C. Wester Han Dynasty, late 2 nd Century BC
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Midterm - INTL 10 Arts of Asia Midterm 23 52 A B C D E A B...

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