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Presentation Response #2 - calligraphy were used and...

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Nicole Leung Lee INTL 10 July 28, 2010 Presentation Response #2 Another presentation that I enjoyed was Connie Lu’s presentation on calligraphy. I learned that there are five main style of calligraphy: Chuan Shu, Li Shu, Tsao Shu, Kai Shu, and Hsing Shu. Chuan Shu is the oldest and is mainly only used on Chinese seals. It was used during the Qin and Zhou dynasties. Li Shu is the official or clerical type. This type of writing was wider than it was tall and was the result of unification of China by Qin. Tsao Shu is the cursive type or also known as “grass script”. This type of writing is abstract; writing is soft and rounder and there is a lack of angular lines. Kai Shu is the standard or regular type. This was popular during the Han dynasty and is the most-easily and widely recognized type. Hsing Shu is semi-cursive and was invented by Wang Xi Zhu. This was used during the Golden Age, which was during the Tang dynasty when all five styles of
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Unformatted text preview: calligraphy were used and recognized. There are four main treasure of a calligrapher: brush, paper, ink or ink stick, and ink stone. There are many different types of brushes. Three main categories regarding the brush material are white, brown, and black; white is the softest while black is the firmest. The most common type of paper used is called xuan. One of the basics of calligraphy is to always maintain control of the brush. This presentation taught me a lot about calligraphy that I never really knew. In Chinese school, I had tried using the calligraphy brushes before and learned a bit about its history but I had never really paid attention then. Some of what Connie talked about in her presentation was very familiar because of this and it helped me learn a lot more about the subject....
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Presentation Response #2 - calligraphy were used and...

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