Weekly Paper #1

Weekly Paper #1 - civilization because of its sophisticated...

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Nicole Leung Lee INTL 10 June 30, 2010 Weekly Paper #1 In last time’s reading, I learned about ancient civilizations and the different art forms they created during their existence. It was interesting to read about the Indus Valley civilization and all their discovered great works of art. The High Priest is one such work of art which greatly intrigues me. The way the priest looks and how its head and upper body are positioned truly reminds one of a great priest looking down upon the people as shown by his downcast eyes, jewelry, and beautifully decorated robe. Another great creation of the Indus Valley Civilization was the Great Bath. It’s interesting to know that even know no one is really sure of the exact use of this Great Bath although observations have found that it depicts a very highly technological
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Unformatted text preview: civilization because of its sophisticated drainage system which always kept the water clean and fresh. Another part of the reading I found interesting was reading about the different kinds of ancient pottery in China, Japan, and Korea. The pottery made by the Yangshao painted pottery culture were very distinct in their geometric designs of figures, human masks, fish, and occasionally animals. It was also surprising to learn that by the time of the Black pottery culture, they were already using turntables to create their pots. It is amazing to find that the Jomon phase of Japan lasted for more than 10,000 years and that there were such distinct phases even within the Jomon phase....
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Weekly Paper #1 - civilization because of its sophisticated...

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