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Weekly Paper #2 - those people is extremely saddening These...

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Nicole Leung Lee INTL 10 July 7, 2010 Weekly Paper #2 One thing I learned in the last lecture that I found surprising was how many of the ancient tombs in China had been broken into and robbed by grave robbers. However, it is not the mere idea that the tombs had been stripped of their treasures that surprised me because we have all learned in previous history classes that these unfortunate events happened to many other ancient cultures as well, like the Egyptians. What actually shocked me was when I wondered why these grave robbers did not even have the decency to respect the dead and leave their treasured belongings alone. Did they not have a conscience? To think that all those beautiful, honorable, and ancient tombs holding the stories and connections to the past could be so easily violated and ruined by
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Unformatted text preview: those people is extremely saddening. These tombs could have been so much help in deciphering and understanding the cultures of these people from our ancient past and bringing us so much closer to being able to truly appreciate these ancient cultures. If only we are able to go back in time to ask those robbers if stealing the treasure was worth it when in the end they stole away the ability to truly understand their unique civilization. I also wonder if devices were ever eventually installed in these magnificent tombs to trap robbers and prevent future robbers from committing these offences. This would probably have been helpful in keeping the tombs undisturbed and in their original form and design....
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Weekly Paper #2 - those people is extremely saddening These...

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