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Weekly Paper #4 - prince On his neck there should be three...

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Nicole Leung Lee INTL 10 July 19, 2010 Weekly Paper #4 In the last lecture, we learned how to recognize a Buddha. There are fourteen main points that one should remember about a Buddha. First, a Buddha should be seated in the lotus position where the legs are folded with the soles of the feet facing up. The throne he is seated upon should also be shaped like a lotus flower. Next, around his head there should be a halo. His hair should be in the form of snail curls, and there should be a knot of hair called an ushnishna which indicates greater wisdom. On his forehead there should be a spot called an urna ; this spot signifies that he has greater insight above everyone else. His face should hold a calm expression to show his serenity. His ear lobes should be stretched long from wearing heavy earrings as a
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Unformatted text preview: prince. On his neck there should be three lines which symbolize the three training: conduct, concentration, and wisdom. The Buddha should be wearing a monk’s robe; it is often times very close-fitting as if it was wet. This robe should only hang from the left shoulder while revealing a bare right shoulder. There should be no jewelry whatsoever on the Buddha’s body. This is a sign showing that he has given up the princely and materialistic life for a religious and altruistic one. There should be fullness or prana of the lower belly from practicing yoga meditation. The hands of the Buddha are also very important. Depending on the position of the hand, the Buddha could represent many different things like gift giving, teaching, touch the earth, meditation, or fear not....
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