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Ng 1 Sharon Ng (A09224493) Professor Mariscal, TA Reece Peck DOC 1 – Diversity 04 October 2010 Chapter 2: The “Tempest” in the Wilderness Summary Ronald Takaki, the author of The “Tempest” in the Wilderness , an excerpt from his greater work, A Different Mirror , transcribes the colonization of unrelated “subcultures” by the power of physical dominance and misleading speech. Throughout the chapter, an attempt to conquer the natives of Ireland and the New World are set in motion by the British government. Occasionally, repercussions are relieved to the natives, which in turn, bring about the motive for English cultural expansion (Takaki 26). Takaki illustrates the British attempts to exploit the natives of their land by physical force and psychological manipulation, driving them from the New World land. As a result, new American promises are nullified and American exceptionalism
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Unformatted text preview: is institutionalized (48). This was derived from William Shakespeare’s theatrical piece, The Tempest , in which the mechanical and intuitive mental works stirred the methods of domination that would take part in subsequent events, referencing the make-believe story of Prospero and Caliban. However, much confusion arises from the cognitive science that surrounds the play, producing an emotional response from the settlers who are unable to cope with the refashion of property value that has been exercised since their arrival to the New World (39). Ultimately, Takaki acknowledges the harrowing actions of the English to exploit the natives of their “savagery” and lack of sophisticated mannerisms....
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