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Journal 5 Mariscal

Journal 5 Mariscal - Ng 1 Sharon Ng Professor Mariscal TA...

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Ng 1 Sharon Ng Professor Mariscal, TA Reece Peck DOC 1 – A04 22 November 2010 Journal #5 In “The World House,” Martin Luther King, Jr. challenges every developed country to recognize the interdependency with third-world countries and the shared effects on each other. King proposes two approaches on how to act on a global level to eliminate racism, poverty, and militarism. Nations can either act in the “self-preservationist” manner where a nation focuses on itself only, or in the “other-preservationist” manner, where a nation looks out for the welfare of others before its own. From King’s perspective, immorality is synonymous with the "self- preservationist” approaches that first-world nations have been practicing. Economic and military policies that adhere to a “self-preservation” mentality are inimical to the interests of the United States because technological power lacking the right moral compass results in the destruction of humanity. King advocates the “other-preservation” mentality because the results not only benefit
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