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Sharon Ch 9 DOC presentation

Sharon Ch 9 DOC presentation - have one specific race like...

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Sharon Ng Professor Mariscal, TA Reece Peck DOC 1 A04 13 October 2010 Ch. 9 Presentation (Race’s Meaning/How One is Categorized) Although race is known to have a universal definition, everyone still holds a different opinion as to how many racial groups there are and how they’re classified. It isn’t concrete because one’s perception of “race” depends on his/her own interpretation of it, which is ultimately influenced by their backgrounds and how they’ve been raised to understand “race.” Race is important because it is a way for people to identify others. Omi and Winant mention that mixed people sometimes have a harder time being identified because they don’t
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Unformatted text preview: have one specific race like everyone is used to. This becomes problematic because they essentially could have no real “identity” to others. Race has also been linked to stereotyping because people often label certain “races” to act or behave in a certain manner. It is viewed as something fixed rather than changeable. We use people’s ethnicities to classify them. Our trust and judgments of other people usually relate to their race to some extent to the point where race has become “common sense.” Stereotypes are put together when we observe TV and film where races are usually distorted, as people don’t look/act as they really do in real life....
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