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DOC Discussion 1110

DOC Discussion 1110 - white supremacy racial inequalities...

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DOC Discussion 11/10/10 MLK reading Phases – goal is racial equality Waves 1. rights thru law; civic equality (barbaric southern racism; violence) 2. civic equality, but black racism existed a. subsantive equality b. economic equality c. deeper roots of racial equality are found in economy d. structural racism: root of racism is economics/cheap labor i. economy is designed to create positions for cheap labor ii. to have high living standards you have to have a group (lower class)… sacrifice one to get something else or something better 2 poles (2 perspectives of racial inequality) 1. segregationists (Ku Klux Klan) – fully committed to ideology of
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Unformatted text preview: white supremacy; racial inequalities are inevitable/natural 2. authentic equality – in education/econ, you have real equal opps (structural); gov’t has to be proactive to establish equal playing field- 90% white america de jure equality = by law you have legal equality de facto inequality = reality; no equality i.e. school structures; where they are set up, resources, etc. until you fix structural racism, we’re not going to get racial equality because it’s rooted in economy/educational system/cheap labor...
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