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DOC Study Guide Terms “model minority” Dates: 1882, post 1960s Facts, figures: Chinese/Asian American immigrants served as the “model minority” to other minorities like Hispanics and Blacks. Asian Americans were considered more “intelligible” than the other minorities, although they were not “white.” Chinese occupies third position on racial spectrum (triangulated race). Events/specific history: Post 1960s: Asian Americans were allowed citizenship; only the ELITE Asians were wanted in America. 1882: Chinese Exclusion Act was revoked in 1960s and then there was a cap on how many Chinese immigrants can come in. Tchen argues that Chinese workers were used to break the Irish workers. Influx of Chinese workers = cheap labor workers. Key terms: triangulated race, elite white economic interests in promoting ideology, Chinese Exclusion Act, interchangeable social status, but then after CEA, elite Chinese went to America (more intelligent: model minority to compare to other minorities), white supremacy, racialization, whiz kids Contradictions: it was because of the “model minority” we believe that ALL Chinese Americans are “elite” and smart. Model minorities reinforce meritocracy ideology (hard work success; Asian Americans were ambitious and others aren’t). Merit-based Hispanics/Latinos couldn’t be on the same level. Asian Americans were seemingly accepted into American culture but they really aren’t because they occupied a third position on racial spectrum. Asian Americans are still marked as foreign/alien. White supremacy is still in effect. Asian Americans are constantly racialized. Benefit of model minority is that they could possibly get better jobs based on their stereotypes (i.e. Asians good at math!). Costs of being model minority are that they aren’t fully accepted into white ideology; they are marked as “other”/foreign (Tchen). Cold War Facts/figures: This war was fought to contain communism, spread democracy/American way of life, a war to fend American exceptionalism; we are the dominant nation and everyone else = subordinates. MLK points out that Cold War justifies neocolonialism relationships. It’s proxy-controlled (control from far, in markets). Dates: 1947-1991 Key terms/concepts: McCarthyism, anti-communism, American exceptionalism (Democrats/Republicans wanted to intervene with Vietnam), domino theory (one country falls into communism all will fall under communism… gotta go to Vietnam or they’ll turn communist and Laos will turn communist, etc… tied to American exceptionalism), white supremacy, Proxy Wars Events/specific history: Vietnam War, Proxy war (overseas war) Contradictions: Proxy wars – small countries go at each other, they don’t want nuclear wars but they’re not afraid to go into other people’s wars Stonewall Riots Dates: 1969 Facts/figures: Gays/lesbians were involved. They frequented a gay bar in NY and police raided them simply for their sexual orientation. Police harassed them on a daily basis and made a list of gays and lesbians. One night, the gays/lesbians
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DOC Discussion Notes 1201 - DOC Study Guide Terms model...

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