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DOC Lecture 11/05/10 1965: march from Selma Alabama for the right to vote for black people MLK’s nonviolence is not pacifity! - One should love one’s neighbor - White America should be loved; Civil Rights Movement should be a moment for - America to save itself (in our terms it would be overcoming white supremacy) - Making the nation deliver on its basic principles MLK: “Where are We?” and “The World House” – p. 223 reader
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Unformatted text preview: Militant non-violence/Black Power/armed resistance 3 headed monster: racism, poverty, militarism 1. Improved conditions but not equality (backlash) 2. New agency in Black community 3. From race to race AND class Poor Peoples Campaign 1968 4. Not unfettered capitalism, not communism 5. Isolated individuals/collective action (individuals together) 6. Critique of American exceptionalism...
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