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DOC Lecture Notes 11/12/10 Terms 1. Proxy War 2. COINTELPRO (FBI counterintelligence program) 3. Kent State, 1970 4. Third World feminism 5. Stonewall riots, 1969 - large urban center of US, gay / lesbian ppl were consistently harassed by police - stonewall was a bar in NYC that gays/les frequented - police would go in there and harass/arrest them/create lists that would take their names who they thought were homosexual (then subject to law enforcement) - ppl in the bar start to fight back and physically attacked the police - contestation of homophobia becomes a political movement 6. Queer politics - queer movement, AIDS epidemic - gov’t wasn’t dealing with it 1960s – sites of resistance for “counter hegemonic movements” emerged in society that contested ideological formations/institutions that had created inequality and in some cases, injustice Civil rights movement overthrew Jim Crow (white supremacy)
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Unformatted text preview: Women’s movement was attempt to contest gender formation (the dominant one that is rested on patriarchy) Farm Workers Movement – overthrow/modify class exploitation of farm workers from racialized groups Gay/lesbian liberation movement - Gay/lesbian group attempt to overthrow sexuality formation (said gay/ lesbian ppl have central norm to be followed/deviant, they were being discriminated against… assaulted/killed) American war in Vietnam was not imperial war; it was a war about ideas; small democracy created in 1954 (N. Vietnam)… US needs policy to protect themselves Counter-hegemonic movement – women liberation movement; equality in workplace, equal opp in education/work opps, reproductive rights-women wanted to make decisions for themselves...
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