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DOC Lecture Notes 1129 - DOC Lecture Notes 11/29/10

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DOC Lecture Notes 11/29/10 Neoliberalization/Privatization apply to UC system (UCSD) UCSD in the 21 st Century: Cathedral or Corporation on Hill? - Roger Revelle’s idea of a cathedral hill o Science and technology based o He actually wanted to make UCSD like MIT (SD Institute of Technology) o As school became defunded, weight fell on private donors (corporations) and on students/family Initial Assumptions - many of the ppl who began the process of privatizing the UC system had good intentions - we are now living with the unintended consequences of their actions o constant fee hikes - almost no one thought about the impact of privatization on historically excluded communities. This is still true in 2010 – no one in their planning said that this will have a negative impact on communities that historically weren’t able to come here. o Important in DOC because we’ve been learning abt stratification that’s formed due to history of country What was special about UC? - dating from time of the Master Plan (1960), UC was one-of-a-kind offering of affordable, quality education at multiple top-ranked research campuses - Master Plan = community colleges, Cal state colleges, UCs - UCs were ideal because back then it was cheap and people could get quality education for potentially everyone if prices were kept down - Of the 13 universities in the top 50 with tuition less than $10,000, 6 were UC campuses - Thousands of students from Cal, many from working class backgrounds, received a superior education that was elsewhere was available only to the rich - In 1965, the state paid 94.4% of a UC student’s education; in 2008, it paid 58.5%. the percentage continues to decline (neoliberalization/privatization!) o Tax payers voted against paying for student education - The Master Plan was created by UC President Clark Kerr - Ronald Reagan became governor in 1967 and one year later fired Clark Kerr
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DOC Lecture Notes 1129 - DOC Lecture Notes 11/29/10

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