Reece email on neoliberalism

Reece email on neoliberalism - Reeces e-mail on the three...

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Reece’s e-mail on the three legs of neoliberalism/contrasting them to New Deal or "embedded" liberalism Privatization: In the embedded liberalism period of US history (from the 1930s and until the late 1970s and early 1980s), the economy was still predominantly private and capitalist. However, a large swath of "public" institutions were established to offer the average citizen basic services. In other words, with the rise of the New Deal certain sectors of social life were fenced off from the market and capitalist logic and instead were based on public service and the collective good (the opposite of for-profit logic and individual good). Public schools, higher education, fire stations, police stations, freeways, national and local parks (or in cali beaches), electricity, water, buses, health care, social security, unemployment, minimum wage, food stamps, housing, etc. ...were all institutions that were financed by the collective pooling of money via taxes of the public and not financed by commercial profit and business. With the rise of neoliberalism, major societal institutions that were once publicly financed became turned over to the business class and thus turned into businesses, this is the process of privatization, when a public institution is transformed into and taken over by a business (mostly always BIG business). We see this with prisons in California, we see it with Black Water (private military, security business in Iraq) in our military, we see this with charter schools taken over public schools. And, most directly affecting you all, we see in the transformation of UC San Diego into a business ran and funded by multinational corporations. In a neoliberal state, unlike a new deal state, very few sectors of
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Reece email on neoliberalism - Reeces e-mail on the three...

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