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DOC 2 Final Section

DOC 2 Final Section - 14 Jim Crow laws Essay Question The...

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Sharon Ng Professor Skrentny, TA Megan Strom DOC 2 – C06 10 March 2011 DOC 2 Final Study Guide Key Terms 1. Nonviolent resistance 2. Racial discrimination 3. Civil disobedience 4. Spoilage 5. Social contract 6. State of Nature 7. Centralization v. decentralization 8. Patriotism vs. nationalism 9. Tyranny of the majority 10. Majority rule vs. minority rights 11. Speech vs. conduct 12. Slippery slope 13. Separate but equal doctrine
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Unformatted text preview: 14. Jim Crow laws Essay Question The concept of the slippery slope is prevalent throughout many of the readings we’ve been studying. Identify three course readings and explain 1) what the slippery slop argument/concept is, 2) how it relates to the readings, and 3) why it is significant to justice. Be sure to use specific examples....
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