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Ng 1 Sharon Ng Professor Skrentny, TA Megan Strom DOC 2 – C06 20 January 2011 Argument and Counterargument Exercise John H. Schaar, “The Case for Patriotism” Part 1: Summary In “The Case for Patriotism (May 1973),” John H. Schaar makes a distinction between patriotism and nationalism. He argues that patriotism is being subsumed by nationalism, resulting in the deterioration of our nation. Schaar continues to develop his point by expanding on two types of patriotism. Natural patriotism involves protecting the principles of one’s country, and the willingness to fight and preserve liberty of the United States for future generations. Schaar states that natural patriotism is diminishing because instead of practicing patrimony, citizens are defining their lives by their rights and opportunities. Another type of patriotism he mentions is covenanted patriotism. The United States is created by a covenant because citizens devote themselves to a set of principles and promise to uphold the commitments. In contrast to patriotism, Schaar points out that nationalism is more politically based and composed of social, intellectual, and economic forces that can disappear in a whim. Because nationalism is so fleeting, Schaar proposes some methods that can be taken to achieve patriotism, which will reflect a healthy, strong nation. One method he suggests is implementing a checks and balances system. This will help regulate power among branches fairly without completely getting rid of it.
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Ng 2 Part 2: Argument: Schaar argues that nationalism is beginning to subsume and fill up the holes of patriotism. However, he believes that patriotism is necessary for a healthy nation. To support his
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Schaar Assignment DOC 2 - Ng 1 Sharon Ng Professor...

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