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DOC 2 HW 3 - advantage of that opportunity and adds labor...

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Ng 1 Sharon Ng Professor Skrentny, TA Megan Strom DOC 2 – C06 13 January 2011 Homework Assignment #3 3 Discussion Questions 1. What impact does the Declaration of Independence have on our nation and how is the concept of justice illustrated? 2. How effective was the Articles of Confederation? Why was it replaced? Did it have anything to do with the laws/conditions that had been laid out being unjust or unconstitutional? 3. According to the Declaration of Independence, what is the role of the government and how does justice play in? Response to Locke Question Locke says that if one labors from nature, then the results of his/her labor becomes property of his/her. Does this apply to society today? I believe that the concept of one laboring from nature and the results becoming one’s property still applies to society today. I think this way because each person is given the body and opportunity from God to perform all the labor that he/she can, and when that person takes
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Unformatted text preview: advantage of that opportunity and adds labor to something, that person is entitled to keep that thing. For example, if I was given an apple tree, and I used my time and energy to nurture it, the apples that eventually grow from the result of my time and effort should belong to me. However, Ng 2 Locke also points out that a person can only get as many things in this way as he/she can reasonably use to their advantage. So applying the apple concept, if I had too many apples to eat all by myself, it would actually be to my advantage to share the apples that grew from that tree with other people. This supports the idea that Locke makes, that one can only take so much as he/she can use. If my apple tree produced twenty apples with the result of a week or two of watering and fertilizing, it would be too much to eat on my own so I would share my labor with other people to avoid being wasteful and end up spoiling the apples....
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DOC 2 HW 3 - advantage of that opportunity and adds labor...

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