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DOC 3 Final Study Guide Spring 2011 (Dominant) ideology o set of beliefs that society has come to accept; going against this ideology “other” o form of master narrative; refers to the system of ideas, assumptions, and beliefs; can come from numerous places at the same time; way you perceive truth; i.e. American Dream = wealth, TV, meritocracy, etc. o dominant way of seeing things Representation o To depict something/represent something; who has the right to speak, who is silenced in representations? representation = reproduced in context of meaning (like common sense); some meanings dominate, some left out Symbolic Political o Focused on notion of stereotypes; reflection of “true” or distorted o Art form of rep expands on sth that is real o No representation is neutral; no representation lacks an ideology, there’s always something there, even if it’s the notion of no ideology (that’s an ideology!) Intersectionality o Race, class, gender Intertextuality o Texts communicate meaning to audience thru reference to other texts o Texts are seen in a broad way: work of art, event, etc.; representations with organically composed elements; genre o Important to understand representation b/c otherwise we wouldn’t understand what came before it; demonstrates that any one text will be informed by other experiences in other texts; forms around importance of texts, contexts, audience o You don’t look at how texts are by themselves; how they are linked o Implicit connection among texts; texts you read have connection to one another o Understanding of one text based on other texts/experiences o Being familiar with previous movies allow you to understand current movie Hegemony o The way in which the dominant ideology is taught/instilled thru institutions (Manzanar, No More Miss America) Non-violent resistance o SNCC Sites of resistance o SNCC, BPP Baby-boomer generation o Starts youth culture o New culture emerges; more music/dancing Youth culture o Rebellion o Youth tried constructing own identities apart from family/societal traditions o The Graduate Counterculture o Going against the current conventional norms/culture
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Hip hop o Black people used this kind of music to express their discontent with status quo of inequalities Black Panther Party o More direct about gaining rights/opportunities for Blacks SNCC o Non-violent resistance o Love transcends all Civil Rights Movement o Minorities demanded for social change o BPP o SNCC Vietnam War o “rock and roll” war o first war you could see on TV Gay Liberation Movement o Movement in which gays tried to declare that they were equal to everyone else o Site of resistance Gender politics o Challenging them in The Graduate Orientalism; “other” o Cultural exception that Asians are “different” o Inscrutable and un-noble o They are being excluded because certain cultures don’t want to try to understand them, since
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DOC 3 - DOC 3 Final Study Guide Spring 2011 DOC 3 Key Terms...

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