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Sharon Ng, Brian Tran Professor Cancel, TA Aaron Gurlly DOC 3 - C12 08 April 2011 Zoot Suit Discussion Zoot-suit - what was it? In DOC 1, we learned that. .. The zoot-suit riots involved half a million of Mexican Americans fighting in WWII in the Pacific and Europe. In LA/SD/Oakland areas, American sailors beat up these young men in the streets. Contradictory because Mexican Americans were trying hard to find life in America but instead were completely ostracized and harmed by the sailors. In DOC 3, we learn that. .. a subcultural gesture that refused to concede to the manners of subservience zoot: referred to something worn or performed in an extravagant style suit: the uniform men used to wear, much like trousers that were fiercely tapered at the ankles symbolized moral panic about juvenile delinquency and persecution (crimes committed by young people) to intensify post-war period
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Unformatted text preview: • prevalent during period in which American society was undergoing profound structural change • intensified social mobility during zoot-suit riots • riots caused primarily by patriotism and attitudes toward war • zoot-suiters were targeted by gangs of marines • female zoot-suiters had drugs and they concealed quantities because it was less likely for them to get caught (gendered construction that usually only men do this, so women shouldn’t get caught because they wouldn’t do such things) • wearing the zoot-suit uniform was basically inviting police over Why was it significant? • Chicano union activist Cesar Chavez came into contact with community politics and through participating in the zoot-suit riots in Harlem, he was transformed into the Black radical leader known as Malcolm X....
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