ICS 9 - Sharon Ng ICS 9 Chapter 9 Short Answers Extra...

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Sharon Ng ICS 9 7/26/11 Chapter 9 Short Answers Extra Credit Ch9 Short Answers 1. What role do stereotypes and prejudices play in criminalizing Puerto Ricans? Please provide at least two examples. Puerto Ricans are often stereotyped to be lazy. This has led to racial discrimination in the job market as employers were more likely to pay them little compensation for their work efforts. This resulted in their poverty, which has led to criminal activity within the Puerto Rican community. 2. Briefly explain at least two of the housing problems faced by Puerto Ricans. Among all ethnic groups, Puerto Ricans spend the most percentage of their income on housing. In addition to their struggle to pay for adequate housing, many Puerto Ricans also have a hard time with racial discrimination in terms of housing. They are often replaced by whites in urban renewal projects without notice. 3. Please list three factors that influence low political participation rates of Puerto Ricans on the mainland. The low voting rates of Puerto Ricans can be explained by their view of politics; many are
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ICS 9 - Sharon Ng ICS 9 Chapter 9 Short Answers Extra...

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