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ICS 9 7/20/11 Becoming American (Chinese film) Pt. 1 Questions 1.How did notions of “race” and racial superiority in the late 1800s shape relations between the Chinese and their American neighbors? What other factors affected those relationships? What factors shape relations between immigrants and their American neighbors today? What similarities do you notice between past and present? How do you account for differences? Answer: White racial superiority clashed with the uneducated immigrants. This resulted in new immigrants having to take on the jobs that white people didn’t want, which were usually dangerous or low-paying. Today, there is still discrimination and tension on the Chinese, as there are with any minority group, but the Chinese Americans have become known to be the “model minority” group. Although it sounds less offensive, it has been linked to the Chinese stereotypes. 2.Program 1 examines the various stereotypes associated with the Chinese in the mid- 1800s —“ancient and wise,” “debased and cunning,” “slave-like and submissive,” and “disloyal and inassimilable.” How do the stories told in Program 1 challenge those stereotypes? How did writers quoted in this essay challenge them in the late 1800s? Why do you think their efforts had little impact on the way many Americans viewed the Chinese? In your experience, what is the best way to counter a stereotype? Challenge a myth? Expose a lie? Answer: The Chinese were different from other immigrant groups in the past because
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chinese americans 1 - Sharon Ng ICS 9 Becoming...

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