Linguistics 17 Lecture 010511

Linguistics 17 Lecture 010511 - coding so that you’re...

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Linguistics 17 Lecture 01/05/11 Extra Credit: Psychology website: Each experiment hour participated in will get 1.5 points of grade average (1.5 points added to each section that counts for grade at the end of quarter) Secret writing broken down into two types - Steganography hiding the existence of message but not context o Weakness: if message is found, it’s readable by everyone, a good guard might shave a head and figure it out o i.e. Ancient Chinese hiding their messages in covered silk, shave head or Geovanni porta and their invisible ink - Cryptography
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Unformatted text preview: coding so that you’re hiding content but not existence of message o Alice Bob o Alice is the sender, Bob is the recipient o Eve is in the middle (evesdropper)-Transposition: identities of the symbols in a message stay the same, but their positions change o Not good idea if you have a short message (example: andy dyan) o 4 x 3 x 2 x 1 x 4! = 24-Substitution Rail Fence Cipher “Welcome to Lign 17” step 1: # rows = 2 w l o e o I n 7 e c m t l g 1 step 2: wloeoin7ecmtlg1 *this operation scrambled the letters but original ID is still there...
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