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Physics Lab Write-up #10 - -various masses-several stands...

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Equilibrium and Pulleys: String and Pulley June 23, 2009 Purpose In this experiment, students will develop physical models to describe force interactions  for strings and pulleys. Hypothesis A string and pulley can be used to transmit or redirect a force without changing it if the  string is light enough. The string will transmit a force between the two objects without  significantly affecting the magnitude of that force if it is light enough. Materials -several spring scales -light, low-stretch strings -several light, low-friction pulleys
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Unformatted text preview: -various masses-several stands and bases Test 1) A) was 100 g; B) was 100 g; C) was 75 g on top, and 100 g on the bottom; D) was 225 g on top, and 50 g on the bottom. 2) A light string can transmit a force between two objects without significantly affecting the magnitude of that force if it is light enough. 3) A light, low in friction pulley can be used to redirect a force without significantly affecting its magnitude in because it can change the direction....
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