Essay 2 - The Female Brain

Essay 2 - The Female Brain - Sharon Ng Psychology 1 April...

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Sharon Ng Psychology 1 April 3, 2009 Psychology Essay #2 – The Female Brain This audio forum talks about the nature and structure of the female brain. It accesses the latest findings on how the structure of the female brain may determine how women think, what they value, how they communicate, and how they differ from a male brain. This interview is with Dr. Louann Brizendine. I found this audio forum very interesting. As a female myself, I’ve always wondered what it was in me that made me different from males. After listening to the audio, I learned several new things, and was given the opportunity to add my own input and application to the concepts. The interview mentions that women tend to be a lot less predictable. Estrogen stimulates the brain of a female to make girls act the way that they do; testosterone marinates the male’s brain to make boys act they way that they do. Females tend to engage themselves in “drama,” and also care more about their looks. Surges of estrogen makes female want to express their desire for sex. This is why girls try so hard to do everything to attract the opposite sex. She may focus her life on perfecting her weight, or worrying about her breast size. Whatever it is, she will figure out how she will attract her mate. Women also tend to be more emotional, most likely because of how they were raised by their parents. Parents tend to nurture girls more carefully and
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Essay 2 - The Female Brain - Sharon Ng Psychology 1 April...

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