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SOC 2 Essay 2 Outline - Sociology 2 Essay #2 Outline The...

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Sociology 2 Essay #2 Outline The family has influenced change in American society through various methods, including the spread of western culture and romanticism, and the migration from rural and urban areas. It has responded through a worldwide movement toward the nuclear family and breaking down extended kinship ties. I. What is a family, and why is it important? a. A family is a kinship that holds people together either through marriage or blood i. Two types involve the nuclear and extended families ii. Nuclear families are two people living together in a house with their own children iii. Extended families are people who are related to someone but do not necessarily live with them or see everyday b. It is important because family is a source of primary socialization, where people learn from their families, from young, a foundation of customs, values, and beliefs that help us navigate through life c. Culture and socialization usually involves the family contributing to one’s growth and traditions II. Families in Western societies in the 1950s and how it has changed today a. In Western societies in the 1950s, marriages were often classified as polygamy. This meant that it was legal for someone to be married to more than one person at a time. Usually, it was more prevalent to see men married to more than one woman. Also, back then, after marriage, the couple usually
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SOC 2 Essay 2 Outline - Sociology 2 Essay #2 Outline The...

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