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CSE 80 - ps processes-=2 echo prints out initialization = i...

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CSE 80 N – prior occurrence of word n- next occurrence of word ?- prior occurrence of word $- end of line hjkl- left down up right a-append A-append at end of line b-back B-back more, ignore punc c-change, cG goes to end of file C- d- delete dd- delete one line e-end f-file g-go, like 20G line 20, i-insert before cursor I-insert at beginning of line m-mark, like ma n-next o-open p-paste whatever is in the buffer y-yank, use buffers like “ “, mark with letter q- quit, using :q or :q! r-replace, like 10r replace next 10 chars with what you type R- same as insert s-substitute
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Unformatted text preview: ps- processes-=2 echo- prints out initialization = i = 10. Then echo $i will print out 10 echo $? = exit status of last command. If 0, success, if 1, failure grep (file) (content)= search file for content ls- list out directories ..- parent directory .-current directory >- redirects output, goes to file that you specify Sty erase (backspace) to set delete, control+h = delete default ^ (last command) ^ (new command) to change whatever previous command to the new command Grep PATH .* gets all paths that start w/ ., then the rest...
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