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Writing 4A – The Critical Essay: Literature and the Arts Week 1 Sunday, July 17 Introductions/Class rules/ Plagiarism Contract/ Student and Teacher expectations Monday, July 18 Morning: Writing Diagnostic Read Alice Walker, “Everyday Use” Talk about story and bring out analysis points Discuss and read aloud “Reading with Pen in Hand” and “Making Reasonable Inferences” Free response: Write about an ordinary object you have seen or used in your home or at school that you consider to be not only useful but also art. Discuss story and talk about how to pick out critical information Afternoon: Discuss note taking strategies when reading and listening Practice these strategies Introduce the concept of high and low art Read “Keeping a Journal” Discussion: What is Art? (keep track of concepts on board) Evening: Meet in classroom and discuss conventions of public readings Read “The Lesson” aloud and discuss material for reading to an audience versus reading text on a page Attend reading: Binnie Kirshenbaum and Jay McInerney Tuesday, July 19 Morning: Discussion of reading styles and both authors. Read Kate Chopin, “Story of an Hour” Begin lesson on thesis statements and formal paper structure. Read “Arguing a Thesis” Get into small groups for thesis brainstorming Begin paper writing for Essay 1 Write thesis statements and intro paragraphs Discuss high and low art, recall passages from previous day Afternoon: Go through five paragraph thesis structure Pass out cockroach example essay Explain inverted pyramid structure
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Write body paragraphs and conclusion Evening: Lab time: Revise essay drafts written that afternoon Wednesday, July 20 Morning: Discuss: The difference between film and literature—how literature is adapted and concerns of audience Read “Identifying Your Audience and Purpose” Film: The Joy that Kills (film adaptation of “Story of an Hour”) (1 hr.) Afternoon: Break into small groups: Discuss main differences in film and text and which is more effective for the audience and why Present group findings to class Read “Brainstorming” and “Focused Free Writing” 20 minute free-write Visit Schick Gallery exhibit: “Anything but Realism” Handout on Surrealism, Dadaism, and political reactions to realism movements Evening: Lab time for 1 hour to finish typing draft for peer review Jamaica Kincaid and Henri Cole reading in Davis Auditorium Thursday, July 21 Morning: Read handout “What is Art?” Discuss concepts introduced in essay Discuss loose essay structure Peer review in small groups: each student does two reviews
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wr4a_2 - Writing 4A The Critical Essay Literature and the...

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