CSE8A_HW5 - Homework 5: More Collage Fun Due: 5:00pm,...

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Homework 5: More Collage Fun Due: 5:00pm, Friday, February 11th Set Up Open your home directory (double click on your cs8wxx icon; 2 nd icon from the top) and create a new directory in your home directory called hw5 (all lowercase). Copy the folder bookClasses from your Desktop into the hw5 directory. o Right click on bookClasses > Copy > Right click on hw5 > Paste Into Folder When you work in Dr. Java be sure you are editing files in the hw5/bookClasses directory. 1. Collage For this homework, you are going to write a program that uses at least 4 images to create a collage. The four images can each be duplicated in the collage. Every image should appear at least once with a filter on it. You can apply more than one filter to an image if you like. Really, just be creative . This HW is a continuation of HW4A. You will be making another collage. This time you will use at least 4 different pictures. Each picture will go through (at least) one filter. You have to have at least two new filters that are not from the textbook. These must be unique methods that you write, that do something more then just changing the color of the picture. Overall, you should have at least 4 different pictures all filtered with 4 different filters, all on one canvas in an interesting way. There should be NO white space on your canvas at all. You can choose to overlap your pictures if needed to remove whitespace. Here are the steps you will take to accomplish what is said above: h Filtering o Add at least two new filter methods to Picture.java that do not come from the textbook. o Your new methods must use an if statement . (Think of the cool things you can do with if statements!) You also must say in your comment for the method if your if statement has to do with the location (coordinates) of the pixel, the color of the pixel, or both. o
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CSE8A_HW5 - Homework 5: More Collage Fun Due: 5:00pm,...

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