CSE8A_HW7 - Homework 7: Sounds Due: 5:00pm, Friday,...

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Homework 7: Sounds Due: 5:00pm, Friday, February 25th Set Up o Open your home directory (double click on your cs8wxx icon; 2 nd icon from the top) and create a new directory in your home directory called hw7 (all lowercase). o Copy the folder bookClasses from your Desktop into the hw7 directory. Right click on bookClasses > Copy > Right click on hw7 > Paste Into Folder. o When you work in Dr. Java be sure you are editing files in the hw7/bookClasses directory. Sound Editing Use the file Sound.java in your hw7/bookClasses folder and write the following method in that file. Method: void concatenate( Sound a, Sound b, int switchPoint ) s This method will modify the calling object and the calling object will be assumed to be a silent wave file (there are two in your mediasources directory - sec1silence.wav and sec3silence.wav - and you can create others). s It will take as parameters Sound a, Sound b, and an integer "switchPoint" which denotes the frame at which to switch from a to b. s The method will overwrite the calling object with Sound a, then with Sound b. You will switch between a and b when either Sound a finishes or when you hit the switchPoint (whichever is earlier). s You will then (either at the switchPoint or the end of Sound a) begin Sound b. (Your code must support the switchPoint being before or after the end of Sound a, regardless of how you use it when testing.) s
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CSE8A_HW7 - Homework 7: Sounds Due: 5:00pm, Friday,...

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