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Green_Screen_Tips_WI11_CSE8A - Green Screen Tips This weeks...

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Green Screen Tips This week’s homework assignment is supposed to be FUN. But there are a few tips to help you either get started or to keep you moving along. 1. Load your picture of you and your partner in solid colored t-shirts in front of the bright green sheet into Dr. Java and use the explore() method on it to see what levels of red, green and blue are in the green sheet that are not in your skin or hair or clothes. This will help you to determine your threshold for the colors so that you can make your green screen effect as best as possible. (Explore your shirts too so that you can make sure these are as clean as possible). 2. When you are taking your picture BE CREATIVE, use chairs or jump up! 3. DO NOT color your picture based on location (the top half is all green so I’m just going to color while y < pic.getHeight()/2 – NO!) You MUST use COLOR THRESHOLDS, not location ones. 4. If your skin has very similar RGB values to the green sheet, you MAY load the picture into Paint
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