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Unformatted text preview: CSE 91: TAC Assignment October 13, 2009 Feel free to interact with TAC in groups of up to 4. Each individual is responsible for their own write-up. Go to the 4th floor of the CSE building (EBU 3b) and find the automatic cameraman (TAC) installation across from the elevators. Read the webpage displayed about TAC and its usage instructions. Call the camera to look at you (you may have to speak up a bit). The camera should look in your direction. The face detector will be active and it will try to find your face (denoted by a square on the video in the upper right screen). The camera should center on your face. Once a face has been found, TAC disregards all sounds while a face is in view and detected. If you want the sound localization to be active again, there must be no faces begin detected for a few seconds. To activate a video recording, place your hand over the small red square displayed on the video in the upper right display. Follow the on-screen directions taking your hand out and then back into the square.upper right display....
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