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Step 1. Go to taaz.com and click on "Start Makeover" and the click on the "Sign Up" in the upper right to create an account. Name your account "Last name_frst name_last 4 digits oF student id" (example: Lyles_Jacob_5615) CREATING A GLAMOROUS MAKEOVER Step 2: Create a makeover. Using one oF the deFault models, create a makeover so she's ready to attend the symphony. Step 3: When you're done, click on the Save button with "to my taaz album" and set the privacy setting to "Share with my Friends". Give the makeover the name "makeover 1" Step 4: Go to "My TAAZ" and the "My Friends" tab. Click on "Add ±riend" and add the course TA who's account is "cse91ta" This will allow the TA to see your makeover. CREATING AN ARTISTIC MAKEOVER TAAZ can be used as a photo editor where makeup products can be applied to a photo in diFFerent ways. ±or example, the method For applying gloss lipstick can do interesting things when applied to say a photo with textured regions with gray in it. Or the lip shape can be warped into a
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Unformatted text preview: heart by clicking adjust lips. Or Hair can be compressed into a moustache. Take a look at the "Gallery" For inspirtation. Step 5: Upload a photo oF your choice and show your artistic ability. Step 6: When you're done, save the photo -- to my taaz album. This time choose category CSE91 and click on "share to the gallery". This will let everyone see it. VOTE: Step 7: Go to the "Gallery" tab. AFter clicking on "More >>" enter category "CSE91" and you'll see all the entries that your Fellow students have created. Click on any photo to vote For those that you like (or vote down those that you don't). WHAT TO HAND IN: The TA will check the website to see that you have created two diFFerent makeovers, one with a deFault model, and one with the model oF your choice. Make sure you remember to add the user "cse91ta" to your Friend's list, or your work will not be graded!...
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