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hw9 - following questions We will post your answers on a...

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UCSD CSE CS 91 Perspectives in Computer Science Homework Assignment 9 Due: Thursday, December 10th Directions: This is an optional assignment only for those who are in danger of failing. You must do this assignment individually. Write up your solutions as a PDF ±le and follow the instructions from last time to upload your homework. Interview any UCSD CSE Professor except Beth Simon, Susan Marx, Rick Ord, or Gary Gille- spie as they teach your introductory classes, and so you probably already know them. Ideally, pick a professor whose research area you are drawn to (see CSE web site http://www-cse.ucsd.edu/faculty- research.html) based on either the lectures or your personal interest. Record brief answers to the
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Unformatted text preview: following questions. We will post your answers on a web site. 1. World’s Problems: Which is one of the most important problem they are working on? Why does Computer Science help that problem? 2. Solution attack: What creative new line of attack or slant do they have in tackling this problem? What computer science do you need to know (courses) to help solve this problem? 3. Jobs: What are some exciting job opportunities in the research area of this professor? 4. Students like you: What are some of the exciting thing that the professor’s students are doing? 5. Why stay in CSE: What does the Professor feel is their most important reason to work in Computer Science? 1...
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