lab91 - Embedded System Lab Exercise! Contents: Make sure...

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Embedded System Lab Exercise! Contents: Make sure you have the following in your bag: PSoC Board with Processor installed USB cord USB Miniprogrammer 2 wires In addition, you can pick up a 9 volt battery from us too. Step by Step Instructions: On the computer: 1. Download PSoC™ Designer and PSoC™ Programmer. The Programmer software takes software that you write and turns it into a language that the PSoC board can understand.The Designer software lets you write the software and download it onto the board. Download it from: Note: Make sure you follow the directions on that page. You must install PSoC Programmer 3.10 first, so click on the link to download Programmer 3.10. 2. After you install this, then go down to the bottom of the Designer page and download PSoC Designer 5.0 Service Pack 6. This program is quite big, so it might take a while to download. Run the install program in the zip file to install Designer. On the board: 3. Align the board so that when you hold it, the LCD (screen) is pointing to the floor. Take out the PSoC™ MiniProg. Attach it to the five vertical pins on the top right corner of the board. Make sure that “Vdd” on the MiniProg lines up with the “+” on the board. You also will want to make sure your processor is mounted onto the black mounting board correctly (at the top part of the board). The processor needs to be placed such that the text is right-side up, and the notch is facing the left. On the computer: 4. Open up the PSoC™ Designer and click on File>New Project. [The New Project window opens]. Select “Chip Level project” Name: Type in a name. I’ll refer to the name “Lab_1” Location: Pick where to save the project files Workspace name: Should automatically be the same as above
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lab91 - Embedded System Lab Exercise! Contents: Make sure...

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